Hardware Updates

Do your Patients deserve the most up to date warning labels available?

Are you worried that your patients may not be recieving all of the warning labels they need?

If you answered "YES" to either of these questions, Intercon offers 2 cost effective options to solve these problems so you can continue to provide the very best pharmacy service to your patients.


SIMM, DIMM, Daughter Card or Compact Flash Update Exchange Program.

Intercon will pull a flash memory card from our inventory for your printer. Intercon technicians will program it in-house with our latest version of Rx PreScript Warning Labels and send it to you. Once you receive the card, simply remove the existing card from your printer, install the updated card and return the old one to us. If you have questions during installation, you can call our toll-free help line to get assistance from an Intercon technician. By sending you a programmed card in advance, Intercon ensures you are not without a card to print Rx warning labels.


Downloadable Printer Software Update File.

This option is available for major brand laser printers and is applicable for mid to large chains with access to technical resources. Intercon in-house technicians will compile the required Rx warning label updates for you and either e-mail or send these to you on a diskette. You then download the update file to the flash memory card in your printers. A test page was written into the upgrade program to automatically print and illustrate the update was successful. This is an inexpensive way to keep your Rx warning labels up to date. Since you are not required to physically remove the old card and install a new one in the printer, this is an easy and fast way to update. Your cost is minimized because you can still utilize the current card you have invested in. This simple, quick, and inexpensive solution keeps your Rx warning labels up to date, removes the hassle of changing cards, and makes frequent updating possible.