Accessible FormNet

Interactive Data Capture

Accessible FormNet Diagram

Organizations today are data centric and are challenged to find cost effective ways to improve their business process and reduce administrative burden. Process automation is the key. Automating the collection, management and processing of data with Intercon’s Accessible FormNet™ data capture solution delivers faster time to market, more accurate data for re-purposing, significant administrative burden reduction and cost savings.

Forms are mission-critical to the business process because organizations use them to capture the data that drives the enterprise. Forms, however, are intimidating and subject to customer interpretation. It’s been proven that customers require human intervention because most automated systems offer limited options and lack the flexibility to adequately communicate with the customer. With static electronic forms the user can only “Print & Fill” or “Fill & Print” without the ability to save the form with the data. This leaves the organization to deal with the huge amount of paper being submitted every day by their customers and the substantial administrative burden of manually entering the data into their enterprise systems. This manual data entry process results in a high percentage of data errors/inaccurate data.
Intercon Associates’ Accessible FormNet™ solution is an electronic forms and data collection tool designed to greatly simplify customer interactions with an organization by utilizing variable data technology. Accessible FormNet’s virtual handholder guides the user to accurately complete, save, e-sign and electronically submit the form or just the XML data based on the company’s workflow requirements.
Accessible FormNet™ combined with Intercon’s GoData™ On-Demand XML Data Transfer module provides an end-to-end solution that will enable your organization to realize savings of over $75 per response versus a paper based or static electronic forms partial solution. Savings is achieved because data is captured, submitted, and processed all electronically.
"Overall we found Accessible FormNet to be a compelling solution for interactive, authenticated data collection from all types of customers. The application presents forms visually and verbally and guides customers through the data collection process with instructions and extensive help tools."
(Madison Advisors...”Accessible FormNet: Simplifying the Customer Experience”)