Barcode and Font Solutions

Intercon supplies barcode and ADC (Automatic Data Collection) fonts, as well as custom font work.

  Barcode and ADC Fonts

Barcode SolutionBarcode and ADC (Automatic Data Collection) characters are supplied to you as fonts on flash memory cards. When accompanied by software drivers or escape sequences, these fonts become directly accessible from your applications.

We offer fonts in two collections: BarNone and All-N-One. Both can be placed on flash memory cards for most laser printers.

Read more about Intercon's barcode and ADC fonts.

Custom Font Solutions

customized font Signatures, logos, letterheads, barcodes, and forms are programmed on flash memory cards for your laser printers.

  1. Digitized signatures can be printed at the same time you print your correspondance or checks
  2. Digitized letterheads and logos can be printed on plain paper at the same time as your documents
  3. Digitized forms can be printed as needed with merged variable fill-in data

Read more about Intercon's custom font services

Features, Advantages & Benefits

  • No need to download fonts to printer.
  • Faster print speeds.
  • Fonts are not lost when printer is off.
  • Custom Sizes and ratios can be supplied.
  • All major barcode symbologies available.

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