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Customer driven data and document solutions for Government and Healthcare

IT Solutions

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Pharmacy Solutions

Pharmacy Solutions

Solutions to capture, manage, and process data

  • Data Capture Solutions - Accessible FormNet, Airforms, GoData, GoAccess
  • Document Management Solutions - BizCycle for Workflow processing; Paperless Office Solutions for Web-Based Content Management. 

Solutions to provide Rx warning labels

  • Rx Warning Label Software  - Available in multiple languages,
  • Rx Warning Label Hardware
  • Monthly Hardware Update options available.

Barcode and ADC Solutions

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 Flash Media Finder

Solutions to supply Barcodes and Automatic Data Collection fonts

  • Custom font solutions to program Signatures, logos, letterheads, barcodes, and forms on flash memory cards for your laser printer.

Solutions to find out which flash media type is used in printer

  • Find flash media by printer model
  • Find printers by flash media type.