Intercon Associates Announces Digital Signature Capability for Electronic Forms Using Federal ID Smart Cards

December 19, 2009

Rochester, NY –  Today Intercon Associates announced that Federal Government forms using Intercon’s SmartData Intelligent Data Capture Software can be digitally signed using the Federal Government's smart card ID. Officially referred to as the FIPS 201 Personal Identity Verification (PIV) Credential, this PIV card can be used to digitally sign and secure Intercon’s electronic forms further reducing administrative burden for government agencies.  Contact:
Joe Ingrato
Vice President
Phone: (585)-244-1250 Ext. 133

A figure provided by the U.S. General Services Administration (GSA) estimates that within the next five years 12 million PIV cards will be used in the Federal Government. Intercon’s award winning SmartData™ Intelligent Data Capture Software has been utilized on a worldwide basis by the Federal Government for over eight years and has delivered over $275 million in savings to taxpayers on an annual basis.Intercon was the first company to implement digital signature capability into its electronic forms software to comply with the federal legislation titled the “Digital Signature Act of 1999” governing the use of digital signatures. SmartData™ enables organizations to collapse their business process and reduce print by moving their paper-based and static electronic forms to an interactive web-based data capture solution. SmartData™ reduces administrative burden and results in double digit savings for government agencies on a per response basis because the data can be completed, submitted, processed and managed electronically. Agencies eliminate the need to print paper forms and more importantly, the tremendous volume of those paper forms mailed and faxed back to the agency on a daily basis that must then be manually processed, keyed in and managed.
"It’s exciting to be able to offer this additional capability to all Federal agencies and drive further cost savings for them and their constituencies.”
John Paroda, President, Intercon Associates