Intercon Associates and Paperless Office Solutions Form Partnership to Provide Business Process Solutions

December 1, 2009

ROCHESTER, NY –  Today Intercon Associates announced it has formed a partnership with Paperless Office Solutions, Inc. to provide automated end-to-end business process solutions to small businesses, education and government. These solutions are based on interactive forms-driven data capture seamlessly integrated with robust workflow and content management.

Paper-centric manual business processes impede the ability of small to medium size companies, education and state and local governments to manage the constantly changing service demands on their enterprises. The cost of managing these manual processes continues to increase putting added financial pressure on these organizations given the current business climate.

The partnership is being formed to enable organizations to compress their business process and enhance the customer experience by moving their paper-based business processes to a complete interactive web-based data capture workflow/document management solution. The solution provides the ability to scale business capacity and significantly reduce administrative burden for the enterprise. 
Paperless Office Solutions has provided document intensive business process automation solutions to this market segment over the past six years helping customers increase productivity without increasing staff thus reducing the costs typically related to working with paper forms and managing documents, particularly regulated documents.
Intercon Associates, Inc has been providing robust cost-effective interactive forms technology to the federal/state/local governments as well as the commercial market since 1995.
Bringing these two major capabilities together now offers current and future customers a complete commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) solution for automating forms-driven workflow that can be used in intranet and Internet applications. This capability can be fully hosted for those companies and government agencies that do not have IT capacity or that do not want to undertake the expense of IT management, adding further value to the cost effectiveness of this joint solution capability. 
“Our solution leverages Paperless Office Solutions document management expertise with Intercon’s intelligent data capture technology to deliver significant cost savings to our respective markets.”   
(John Paroda, President of Intercon Associates)
“We see this as a win win for both organizations but more importantly for our customers who continue to look for the right solutions to drive down costs and effectively manage business processes.”
(Tony Deakins, President of Paperless Office Solutions)

Joe Ingrato
Vice President
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