Intercon announces implementation plan for digital signature technology.

May 2003

Intercon is continuing to accommodate the federal government and the public according to the Government Paper Elimination Act requirements, which makes provisions for digital signatures. Intercon in conjunction with GSA, who oversees ACES, plan to incorporate digital signatures into Accessible FormNet™. Three options have been developed and will be released in a timely fashion.

The first option will allow Accessible FormNet users to attach a scanned digitized signature(TIFF Image) to any fillable document. This new feature will be added to Accessible FormNet™ and given to GSA at the end of June 2003.

The second option will allow users to digitally sign fillable forms through the use of digital certificates. These certificates are checked against the ACES database which is overseen by GSA. The user can now be reasonably certain the signer is who they claim to be.

The third option adds even more security by using smartcard technology to control access to digital signatures. The smartcard gives the user sole control of the digital certificate information. The digital signature would still be verified by the ACES database, however users can now be virtually certain the digital signature came from the legitimate signer.

This remarkable technology implemented into Accessible FormNet™ moves users from an unsecured unverified state to a secured verified state. Intercon will stay committed in keeping you informed about Accessible FormNet™ and digital signatures to help you meet your Government Paper Elimination Act requirements by years end.

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