Rx Warning Label Software

Intercon Software Fonts allows you to print prescription warning labels without printer flash memory cards.

Intercon Rx Warning label Software is software that produces genuine Intercon prescription warning label messages based on the drug being dispensed and is interfaced with most major pharmacy management applications. This method for producing warning labels offers you several important benefits.

  • Multiple Languages: Intercon Software Fonts are available in English, Spanish, French, Chinese, Italian, Polish, Russian, and Korean.
  • No Font Cards Needed: Intercon Software Fonts eliminates printer flash memory cards. These cards are specific to each manufacturer of printer and can even be different between manufacturers' models. Because of this, changing brands or models can require buying new cards. Our software is printer independent, so changing printers doesn't require buying and installing new printer flash memory cards.
  • Up-To-Date: Your patients deserve the latest warning labels available. Never again worry if you are providing your patients with the most current labels. Warning label updates are automatically downloaded as soon as they are available. You will no longer have to purchase and install new printer flash memory cards to keep current on prescription warning labels.
  • Value : A small monthly investment means you will never have to be concerned with buying, installing or updating flash memory cards. Never again will you have an unexpected outlay of cash for flash memory cards with time sensitive, soon to be obsolete, data programmed on them.
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