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Intercon's warning label collection is available in two formats: Software and Hardware.

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Rx Warning Label Software

Intercon Software Fonts allows you to print warning labels without printer flash memory cards. This method for producing warning labels offers you several important benefits.

  • No SIMMs or DIMMs - Intercon Software Fonts eliminates the need for printer flash memory cards
  • Current version - warning label updates are automatically downloaded as soon as they are available
  • Complete set - because of automatic update downloads, you will print and provide all the warning labels available
  • Budget easily - a small monthly investment means you will never have to be concerned with buying, installing, or  upgrading flash memory cards

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Rx Warning Label Hardware

Make Intercon PreScript Auxiliary Warning Labels part of your full printing solution when installing or replacing printers in  your pharmacies.

  • Standard features - you will receive the most up to date prescription warning labels, plus barcode formats in 3 of 9,  UPC, and Code 128.
  • Pharmacy management software - Intercon works with major pharmacy management software providers to ensure compatibility with your pharmacy printers
  • Printers supported - we work closely with all major laser and thermal printer manufacturers to ensure compatibility with your pharmacy printers
  • Pharmacy database support - fully supported by medical databases from First Databank as well as Wolters Kluwer (MediSpan)
  • Custom fonts - we have the ability to place custom images on flash memory such as addresses, signatures, logos, forms, etc.
  • Update program information - Intercon offers two cost effective methods to keep you current with the most recent version of prescription warning labels: SIMM/DIMM/CompactFlash update exchange program, and downloadable software printer update
  • Multi-lingual - we also have Spanish and French warning labels
  • Industry standard media solutions including USB Cards, CompactFlash, Daughter Cards. and DIMMs
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