Custom Font Solutions

Digitized Signatures

Print your signature the same time you print your correspondance. Include these fonts electronically on personal business letters, mail-merge documents and checks, etc.

Digitized Letterheads and Logos

Company, agency and departmental letterheads and logos can be digitized as fonts. Reduce outside print and design expenditures. Eliminate the switching of paper trays and paper stock inventories. Print your logo graphics and letterheads on plain paper right from your laser printer.

Digitized Forms

Would you like to have your forms resident digitally in your printer? Call them with a simple Macro command, and then print them with the merged variable fill-in-data. You no longer need to purchase and store pre-printed forms.

Features and Benefits

  • No need to download fonts to printer.
  • Faster print speed.
  • Eliminate purchasing expensive pre-printed forms
  • Save storage space by eliminating your inventory of forms
  • Fonts are not lost when printer is turned off


Signatures, logos, letterheads, barcodes, and forms are programmed on flash SIMMs, DIMMs, Daughter Cards, and CompactFlash for your laser printers. Intercon Technicians program each flash memory card in-house. Technical support for all our products and services is provided by our in-house Technicians. Software drivers or escape sequences allow items to be directly available from your software. When you choose Intercon fonts, your choices are virtually boundless. Most custom items can be delivered within 5 to 7 days after receipt of order.