Intercon History

Intercon's history is marked by several significant accomplishments listed below:

1984  Intercon Associates founded in Rochester, New York. 
1987 to 1997 Intercon was the exclusive provider of digital signature technology for the US Senate. This aimed to provide security to US Senate Signatures.
1992 Intercon released its Rx Fonts, the first digital prescription warning label hardware solution that eliminated the need for pre-printed rolls of warning labels.
1996 Intercon was the first IT company to offer Government an open system data collection solution via LAN, WAN and the Internet.
1997 Intercon was the first company to implement XML technology into document management and data collection applications.
2002 Intercon successfully launched Accessible FormNet™ data capture software for electronic forms based on the requirement of all branches of the Federal Government to comply with two pieces of legislation: Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act Amendments of 1998 and the Government Paper Elimination Act (GPEA).

Intercon released Intercon Software Fonts, a software based prescription warning label solution that eliminated the need for warning label font cards.
2003 Federal CIO Council Best Practices for GSA Accessibility Project.
2006 Intercon released two new products: BizCycle Workflow/ECM and a USB e-forms product for government (USAde) & higher education (R-Forms).
2009 Intercon launched AirForms™ Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) for on-demand web-based data capture.

Intercon introduced GoData™ for automated on-demand XML data transfer.

The above accomplishments illustrate Intercon's experience managing and delivering large opportunities.